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Have an in-depth conversation with an animated character!!

  Engage in live unrehearsed conversations with these digital characters who joke and even recognize your guests. This is fun new technology that uses a blend of sophisticated computer graphics, image projection and live, interactive, quick –witted improvisation to make every showing different, exciting and unique.

InterACT-TV uses real-time animation for live conversations with your audience. The characters are projected onto a large screen or monitor which allows themto interact with all your guests one on one. Usually this type of entertainment would only be found in Theme Parks, but now the Wise Guys make it affordable and available for your next event.

Here are a few examples of the characters already in stock.
~ Al Capone

~ Gene Simmons

~ Great Pumpkin & Evil Pumpkin

~ Santa
~ Magic Mirror

~ Frosty

~Maximo Caliente

~ The Professor